Kenneth needs $1,407 for Auto Payment

I Couldn't pay car payments due to medical issue and missing work

All of my issues began in mid-summer of this year (late June 2019) I was with my previous employer for almost 2 years when I had to search for other employment due to I was no longer needed with my previous company. I was a Site Supervisor and the hours for the security site contract were cut in half. A supervisor was no longer needed and there was no other vacancy for me in the company. As a result I had to immediately search for another job. I luckily found a job but was temporarily out of work for two weeks. This put me in a serious financial hardship. The funds I did have were exhausted for what expenses I had and was able to cover during that period. I began my new job in early July and had to play "catch up" for some time. I had also received assistance from my local Veterans Support Services to help me get reestablished. I was informed that this was a onetime assistance for the time being. With my budgeting and that assistance, I was finally able to almost re position myself to where I was financially prior to this sudden event. As I had my head above the water and was getting back into fairly decent shape, I had a sudden medical issue that has caused me nothing but financial hardships ever since. On 9/24 I was diagnosed as having a mild stroke as well as having an Atrial Septal Defect. I was out of work for several days and my pay was affected which severely impacted my finances. It took two paychecks for my pay and hours to be back to almost normal after my stroke. I had appointments with Cardiology and Neurology in October and missed several days of work in October. Since I had missed some time in October and my pay was impacted during that duration, I paid what I could as well as making sure I had basic necessities. I then had a surgical procedure on 11/6 to repair the heart defect. I was out of work for several days after this. Because of the pay schedule structure, it again took me roughly two weeks to receive a normal paycheck again. As a result of this, I was placed in a deeper financial hole. I went back to work on 11/11 and have been working ever since excluding two post-surgical follow up I had. The payments I fell behind on were November and December which were during this financial setback. I was able to have my payments for September and October deferred. I fell behind on 2 car payments and may face a possible repossession. I am currently working on my January payment which is difficult but reasonable. The security company I work has a contract with a DOD company. That company was on shut down from 12/24 – 1/1 which has impacted me somewhat as well because I was not paid during the shutdown.

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