Todd needs $1,200 for Rent

4 kids. Youngest is a riley baby. We have had a lot of unforseen car trouble the past few months.

Our home was bought by a new landlord who raised rent $400. I served 18 yrs active. I retired medically 2018. I have had over 17 surgeries. I can't get down on the floor to play with my son. My father in law passed all within a month.Money we spend in gas in a month is high alone. Add utilities, car payment, insurance, food, car maintenance, school/kids, a personal loan that we had to get last year, cell phone for emergencies. Then we had many auto repair bills. Our son was diagnosed with sensory seeking and speech delay. Fiance cares for us all. Our son has sensitive moments & I struggle to deal with him when my PTSD is bad. She takes us to all our appts.runs errands and more. Our kids are 15, 13,12 and 3.

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Not all Heroes needing assistance are able to be matched successfully with a specific non-profit partner. In these instances the Yellow Ribbon Network allows Heroes to self post their request on the platform so that private donations can be collected for their specific need.