Sharon needs $975 for Rent

Emergency rent assistance can't pay February rent

my name is Sharon Stallings . I'm reaching out to you because I'm in need of some emergency rent assistance. Due to financial hardship, I've been behind on my rent since January 2020 due to financial issues My rent is $840.00 a month has of today it's $900.00 I'm continuously getting charge a $10.00 fee each day it's not paid In full I don't know what else to do. My apartment manager is really working with me and being patient but I just can't come up with any money I work full time as a Teachers Aide $650 a month and receive child $420 a month in child support . Because I'm so far behind on Bill's my Feb check went toward paying the past due balance of rent, lights, and car Ins. For January I am in the process of being evicted with my 11 year-old son and have no other means of getting the help I really need some help can you help me, please.

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Not all Heroes needing assistance are able to be matched successfully with a specific non-profit partner. In these instances the Coordinated Assistance Network allows Heroes to self post their request on the platform so that private donations can be collected for their specific need.