Yolanda needs $64 for Rent

Risk of losing storage unit with personal items and family history.

Since the Covid-19 crisis began, I have had to secure permanent stable housing to ensure my personal health and safety as well as prevent others from becoming infected with the virus by remaining inside. I saved for two months to secure a nice apartment. All of my personal items and family history are located in a storage unit, which I have been able to maintain since August 2019. Due to this move and unexpected expenses related to Covid-19, I am in jeopardy of missing my storage payment. I have come so far and I am requesting assistance with help paying this bill for 1 month, while I pay my living expenses. My storage has all my items, my daughters items, and family history. Please help me during this brief time. After this month, I will be able to maintain the bill on my own. Thank you in advance

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Not all Heroes needing assistance are able to be matched successfully with a specific non-profit partner. In these instances the Coordinated Assistance Network allows Heroes to self post their request on the isupportveterans.org platform so that private donations can be collected for their specific need.