Taylor needs $2,000 for Rent

I am a single veteran separated from the Army in 2019, and am struggling to pay my rent due to COVID-19.

I am an Army veteran, and served in Syria/Iraq from 2016-17. I separated in 2019, and currently work in the defense industry as a technical consultant. I was recently affected by covid19, and am falling behind on rent. I have built up enough savings post military, but have depleted my savings trying to stay ahead on bills, and am currently at risk of being evicted. I’m in the process of filing for disability through the VA, but am currently caught up in the process. I’m struggling to keep things balanced, and money is extremely tight. Currently working a second job on top of a 40 hour + position, and trying to stay positive through it all, but really starting to struggle with ensuing debt. I Never thought I would be in this position as I do have my dream job, and am still supporting our warfighter, but have hit a road block in trying to build up a new life post service.

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Not all Heroes needing assistance are able to be matched successfully with a specific non-profit partner. In these instances the Yellow Ribbon Network allows Heroes to self post their request on the isupportveterans.org platform so that private donations can be collected for their specific need.