Mary needs $888 for Auto Loan Payment

Seeking assistance car payment or power if available.60 days and unable to catch up-offered partial payments will accept full ($444) at once. Unable to pay until I Settle with insurance.

Financial needed if possible— Having to move immediately from our home bc of mold issues and structural problem as a result of the moisture. Seeking assistance or resources available for helping with my car note and power bill. It is currently too months late and the additional payment is coming up on 14 August. I have offered to pay partial payments but they will not except anything less than a full payment and I have been unable to come up with. I am dealing with a major moisture issue in my home and having to wait out insurance and see what they will pay IF they pay…

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Not all Heroes needing assistance are able to be matched successfully with a specific non-profit partner. In these instances the Coordinated Assistance Network allows Heroes to self post their request on the platform so that private donations can be collected for their specific need.